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Nice AP mamas group

come to learn, not to get flamed

The place to get good, smart advice....without get
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After a long time on LiveJournal, I found there was no good parenting community for AP mamas that was not associated with the snark-fest drama mongers who inhabit most of the "extreme" breastfeeding communities.

Thus, this community was created.

*We understand that being a bitch just makes other tune us out.

*We understand that one choice made when our child was a few months old does NOT make or break us as a parent.

*We understand that there are circumstances in which mama's just aren't able to follow the attachment parenting bible 100%.

*We understand that there are real women on the other side of these screens who deserve respect until they prove otherwise, not the other way around.

While we want this to be a "nice" place, make no mistake, we are still AP mamas who are educated and believe strongly in the way we parent. We will not support excuses for bad parenting, but we will no flame you or try to shove our opinion down your throat. If you are a mostly mainstream mama (you vax without reading, you didn't think twice about not breastfeeding, you birth with lots of drugs and would never do it any other way), this place may not be for you. You are more than welcome to stay and hopefully learn, but just know what you are joining. :)

This will be a closed community in the hopes of keeping drama down and facilitating an open exchange of ideas and thoughts. With that said, if YOU are a member of any closed communities with the name "snark" or that are known to be snark communities that specifically target mamas, you probably won't be able to join. Please email the mod if you want to appeal this.

This is going to be a "friends only" community so that women feel safe. Any trolls will obviously be banned, anyone known to snark any post or pass along a post to be snarked by someone else WILL BE BANNED no questions asked.

Hopefully, we we have little drama and much discussion and friendship and the rules will not have to be so strict. :)